Ani Alvarez Calderon is the founder and creative director ofANI ALVAREZ CALDERON. Ani is a visionary, she has a clear message expressed through her art. Her essence is represented in every detail of her designs. The nature of beauty is her strongest instinct.  

Many have describe her as ahead of her time, Ani’s vision is to make her cultural heritage transcend through her fashion statements as a modern renewed artistic concept. Always paying tribute to her culture, to her country, Peru. The woman she envisions is empowered and joyful; she dresses for herself. A cultured, intellectual woman who values the story behind each garment and the process by which it was created.  

Ani has never been a follower of seasonal trends, she believes in the creation of long lasting styles that have emerged from a desire to create a newfound beauty. 

By combining innovative, technological fabrics with traditional handmade embroidery, Ani puts the traditional crafts into a new context formed by diversities – an expression which has given her great recognition Worldwide.