Just like our radiating fields of energy ebb and flow, the strokes in my Timeless series painting are alive with movement.  The artworks push, swim, pull, and merge within themselves.  Pure pigments combine with rivers and paths of texture that touch and taste their environments. The intention behind these works is to represent in physical form the energies that surround and flow through us.  It is so easy to forget in our daily lives the impact of the intangible, the unseen.  Initially, I was inspired by my experience optimizing mobile networks as an RF engineer.  Our daily lives would be much different had we not learned to utilize the invisible radio frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The effects of sound, radio, light, and radiation waves on our bodies also interest me.  Even more so, how energies can make us feel.  How the energy of a person can resonate with us-or the opposite.  So much unseen.  A hidden world of vibration that affects us in so many ways.
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