Since its launch in 2011, WOS has established itself as a favorite IT-girls’ brand. With celebrities from Tokyo to New York wearing it in their day-to-day life as well as at red carpet events, WOS is one of the most well-known and attention-catching Russian brands. Playful yet strong design and premium quality is what makes WOS pieces recognizable. The main person behind WOS is Andrey Artyomov who founded Moscow-based brand and is currently its Creative Director. Born and raised in Ufa, Russia, Andrey studied costume design there. Andrey’s favorite things in his past – from soviet upbringing to glamourous Moscow nightlife in early 2000s – are now loudly represented in his work to this day. Every season WOS brings out its iconic pieces such as slip dresses, trench coats, sequins items and classic t-shirts in new interpretations as well as a lot of other pieces inspired by social references, pop culture, art, nature and many more. Today WOS works with more than 200 finest retail partners worldwide.