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Natalie Simond, AMADEUS

AMADEUS by Natalie Simond 

Our Philosophy: Look good, feel good and do good!

Our passion for sustainability is grounded in our design philosophy. We seek to create elegant vintage-inspired finejewelry pieces that combine style and conscience instead of contributing to the culture of fast fashion. Hand producing all our pieces in our London studio gives us complete control over the entire process, from sourcing and production to setting and finishing. 

Wei Lin of PH5

"My passion for jewellery goes back to my childhood when I used to play with my mother’s necklaces and bejewel my cat called Amadeus."

Natalie Simond | AMADEUS

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Mini Interview with Natalie Simond

Tell us about your passion for jewelry, how and when it started?
My passion for jewellery goes back to my childhood when I used to play with my mother’s necklaces and bejewel my cat called Amadeus. I used to make my own beaded bracelets and sell them in school to my friends. I just really enjoyed playing with colors and creating something unique for someone.

What are the inspirations for your creations? Why is it important for you to produce sustainable and ethical products?
Just over three years ago, I founded my own label. I took over the creative direction of the brand by giving jewellery a new sustainable face. Without boundaries to my imagination, Amadeus collections are the gemstone version of my beliefs, and the result of my inspiration from my travels around the world, from Paris to London, to the more exotic cultures of Eastern China. All the materials involved in the hand-made creation process are natural and ethically sourced: recycled fair-trade silver and gold share the stage along with gemstones, which are either recycled from vintage pieces or hand sourced in legislated and fair-trade mines. The latter provide accurate tallying of toxic mining waste that replenish mine sites. Moreover, pearls are instead hand-picked in an eco-friendly Asian sea farm; by establishing a direct relationship with locals Amadeus ensures the circularity of profits and fair wages for all the communities involved.

What are the stories you would like to share with your customers behind each creation?
We go straight to the source for all our materials work with local communities. For example we invested in a sea pearl farm in the Phillippines a few years ago. It was a tiny fishing village with no infrastructures. We worked with the locals to make the farm completely eco-friendly and thanks for the money going straight to them they have now build schools, internet facilities, etc.

When are you the most inspired?
When I travel! Experiencing different cultures and learning new artisanal techniques is when I get a rush of creativity.

What is your favorite time of the day?
Early morning, when London streets are quiet, phone does not ring, no emails coming through and I actually have to think and plan my day.

Vintage or new?
Vintage all the way!!

Window or aisle seat?
Window…. Just love watching the clouds

How would you describe your artistic style?
I like to restyle absolute classics and make them trendy again for all age groups.