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ariella applebaum, A.N.OTHER

A.N.OTHER by Ariella Applebaum 

There is a myth that a high-quality fragrance should be priced beyond reach. Brands fuel this myth by dressing up their fragrances with expensive cover stories made out of celebrities, moods, travel tales, and most obviously – inflated brand egos. We give award-winning perfumers an open check and the freedom to create something meaningful. They give us bold fragrance designed without the constraints of budgets, creative direction, or market trends. Find out what’s it like to enjoy pure luxury as you strip the cover stories and explore fragrances created with a crystal-clear focus on what’s inside the bottle.

Wei Lin of PH5

"Simplicity means truth. Simplicity also means authenticity."

Ariella Applebaum | A.N.OTHER

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Mini Interview with Ariella Applebaum

Tell us about your passion for perfume, how and when it started?
It didn’t start from a passion to perfume. It started with the article “Behind the spritz” (attached) when we discovered that only 2% of the price of perfume goes inside the bottle.

What are the inspirations for your creations?
We give our perfumers total creative control. Each fragrance is inspired by a different perfumer. We get dozens of submissions and curate the fragrance that we decide to “publish”.

“Because the only thing that matters is inside the bottle,” is a powerful sentence you wrote. Why simplicity, and putting all your energy into high-quality ingredients is essential for you.
There is just too much noise and fakeness out there. Simplicity means truth. Simplicity also means authenticity. Not lip service “authenticity”, real deep truth that can only come from an authentic place.

What cause is particularly important for you?
Exposing the truth. The only way for consumers to make educated decisions is by knowing the facts. Brands don’t want customers to know the truth, so they spin cover storied to conceal it.

What is your dream country to visit?
Antarctica, although it is technically a continent and not a country.

Jogging or Hiking?
Jogging. I used to compete in triathlons.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Yesterday at the dentist, the receptionist took my temperature and told me “You are perfect”. She said the exact same thing, to the guy after me, and the one after him…