Each model comes out to life of a combination of passion, creativity and technique and it is designed for an elegant and dynamic woman who wants to feel feminine without giving up comfort. 

"Break the preconceptions ennobling innovative materials and modeling them in classic shaped that will become an ode to femininity, while not giving up on the practicality." 


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Mini Interview with BENEDETTA BOROLI

What cause is particularly important for you? 
As Italian, the cause that is most important to me is to preserve the Italian craftsmanship and to guarantee the authentic Made in Italy. I also care about sustainability and recycle: I’m on the front line to support the protection of the environment and the social responsibility in order to help our planet. Starting from SS20 collection, the packaging is entirely sustainable and all the linings for the new black nappa models are made with leather cut outs from the collection, to give them a new lease of life. #zerowaste

What is your spirit animal?

Heel or flat?
Heel, but comfy. 

Beach or mountain?

What makes you smile the most? 
My dog.