Eunjin kim,  DIADEM

DIADEM by Eunjin Kim

DIADEM expresses unique style and a feeling of space in buildings or streets with the concept of 'The artistry of a space'.Based on a wide silhouette casual modern, DIADEM presents their clothes as simple yet three-dimensional, unique designs through structural patterns.DIADEM pursues values, that do not change over time, their garments can be worn for a long time, they have understated design that does not follow trends.On that value, details of the brands own senses gather to create a differentiated DIADEM.

"When I was young, I liked to draw, I liked to make, and I liked to decorate myself when I grew up a little bit. It was fun to see and choose clothes and challenge various fashion styles. "

Eunjin Kim DIADEM

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Mini Interview with Eunjin Kim

What are the inspirations for your creations?
When I go on a trip, I tend to have free time for about a day. I like to walk aimlessly. I feel the street, people, and unfamiliarity. Everything I saw and felt in that space is an inspiration to me.

Do you have any memorable travel destinations?
Kyoto was the first destination for 'diadem'. Kyoto is a city with quiet emotions because it contains the old appearance. The quiet and peaceful scenery of Kyoto still remains deep in my memory, and it is a travel destination that I want to go anytime right away. 

Is the style you usually wear similar to the brand?
I hear that a lot from my acquaintances. "diadem is just you" The overall mood and style of 'diadem' seems to contain a lot of me.

What is your favorite time of the day?
I like around 11 o'clock. The view outside at that time is very peaceful and still.