JACQUELINE THEN offers feminine silhouettes in fabrics that speak of modern and unique detailing. Guided by a core principle of craftmanship, JACQUELINE THEN creates designs that make you look both beautiful and confident. Pieces are handmade by a team of designers and pattern-makers, bringing to life a collection that is the perfect harmony between sophisticated and effortless. Founder Jacqueline Then loves the power of wardrobe essentials, tailored silhouettes, and statement pieces for the modern woman. These pieces echo personal style, inspire adventure, and embody the sensibilities of each woman’s unique personality. The goal? To make women look powerful and feel confident with clothes that are relatable and empowering with statement pieces for everyday life.

"It's too modest, it’s too provocative, those colours are really unflattering, that shape is not great for your body type, these are just a few of the challenges that women have to overcome when dressing in style."

Jacqueline Then | JACQUELINE THEN

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Mini Interview with Jacqueline Then

Tell us about your passion for fashion, how and when it started?
Born in the Dominican Republic, Jacqueline Then has an inherent talent for shapes and proportion and an instinctive eye for quality that has established her as a reference for style. After graduating from Universidad de Barcelona with a degree on International Economics, she attended New York University (NYU) where she studied Corporate Finance. She is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) chapter in the Dominican Republic and has attended the Harvard Business Leadership Program at Harvard University.
She had her first spotlight as a designer in 2007 with her first collection and has since presented in New York, Paris, Berlin, Miami, Panama, Puerto Rico and her native Santo Domingo. The embodiment of the modern woman, she balances her work life with her dedication to her three kids and husband, and understands the needs of women and the challenges to dress in style. Her shirts cut from lightweight cotton, land silk-blend features is the label’s signature elevating basic pieces through deconstructed silhouettes. Jacqueline Then is the Brand, Woman, Creative Designer, Entrepreneur and Inspiration.

What are the challenges that women are facing to dressing in style?
It's too modest, it’s too provocative, those colours are really unflattering, that shape is not great for your body type, these are just a few of the challenges that women have to overcome when dressing in style.

Give us an example of finding your fashion inspiration in the beauty of Santo Domingo.
Today, Jacqueline Then based her studio and showroom in Santo Domingo. From city life to the beaches of the Caribbean, Jacqueline has found in the travels and in her the beauty of her country the inspiration to dress the modern woman with a message of empowerment and independence. Our actual collection “La Indomable” is an excellent example on how she got inspired by the polo lifestyle of Dominican Republic, where her husband and son plays polo.

What cause is particularly important for you?
Gender equality and improve the lives of those in needs in Dominican Republic, especially poor child and women or catastrophic situations happening in the island.

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What is your favorite time of the day?
Late night/early morning, during the late night or early morning, the world is quiet with a stillness in the air. Without all the bustle and noise, I can enjoy the solitude while everyone else sleeps. 

What is your dream country to visit?
Japan, also known as “The Land of the Rising Sun”. Tokyo is a bustling city that is full of history and futuristic technology. 

What is the superpower you would like to have?
Immortally , a combination of Eternal Soul, Mental Continuation and Unfettered Body. 

What is your spirit animal?
A butterfly in constant transformation.  

When are you the most inspired?When someone makes a difference I'm inspired. · When I can make a difference, when i can create, share and help women achieve lasting differences in their lives, when someone says or does something that touches my heart, when i share something that helps others. I am inspired by those who transcend their limitations and overcome challenges.