Wuraichi Forever Tote | White


NATIVA’s white and beige Wuraichi Forever tote is handwoven from vegetable-tanned leather in a natural dyeing process spanning thousands of years that’s better for the environment and uses less water, resulting in a unique patina that fades beautifully. Supporting Colombia's local communities, it’s ethically handmade by the country's native artisans and offset with contrasting python-effect handles and tassels. Note the fade-resistant brass buckles.



Composition: 100% Leather - Natural Brass hardware
Care: NATIVA Leather products handcrafted in naturally dyed across leather are premium timeless pieces. Protect the product from soaking, extended direct sunlight, extreme heat, and sharp objects. Clean the product in a circular motion with a moist soft cloth. Do not scrub with force at a spot, that could destroy the leather surface. Body grease, oils, and fragrances can change the color and look of the leather surface, yet contributes to the character of the leather. Permanent rubbing with fabrics that can fade like denim or dark clothes might stain your product. Avoid chemical cleaning agents that contain solvents like alcohol and benzene.
Country of Origin: Colombia 



Height: 7,8 in
Width: 13,7 in
Depth: 13,7 in

Considering this Satchel Bag is a handmade piece the size can vary about 1/2 inch top.


You will receive this item in 10 business days after your order has been placed.