Emma Backpack | Red

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Sustainable fashion brand SEVDA LONDON crafts this red backpack from Italian leather. Handmade by highly skilled artisans, this made-in-Italy handbag is small but perfectly formed to carry a book, tablet, and your other daily essentials. Thanks to the craftsmanship and high-quality materials, it’s built to last.



Color: Red
Composition: Responsibly sourced high-quality Italian leather (Our leather is a by-product of the food industry, offering traceability of the European skins and hasn’t contributed to deforestation)
Polished light gold brass hardware
Fully lined in suede

Care: Please treat your bag delicately, avoid over-loading. Avoid leaving your leather piece in direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures. Do not expose your bag to very wet or damp weather conditions. Blot any residual water immediately with a lint-free light-coloured absorbent cloth if your product gets wet and allow it to dry naturally. Avoid placing your bag on rough or sharp surfaces to prevent scratching and marking. Care should be taken when wearing light coloured and delicate garments to prevent colour transfer. Prevent any contact with alcohol (perfumes, solvents) and grease (make-up). Cleaning with any solvents or chemicals is not recommended. For surface stains, we recommend cleaning with a soft, damp cloth with water. If stains occur, a specialist dry cleaner is recommended. When not in use, we recommend keeping your leather item in its soft care bag in a cool and dry environment.
Country of Origin: Custom made in Italy



Dimensions: Height 11.8 inch x Width 8.6 inch x Depth 4.3 inch