Pocket Detailed Pants | Beige


The pants offer a minimal yet straight fit with unique pocket details and a distinctive color palette. They are made from a blend of linen and recycled polyester, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The fabric's weave and durability ensure minimal deformation and contribute to a stylish straight fit.

Premium horn buttons are used to add a touch of luxury, while the pocket details offer a clean and polished look. With their slim silhouette and versatile design, these pants can be paired with various tops and outerwear to achieve a minimalistic style. The moderate thickness of the fabric makes these pants suitable for all seasons except winter. They stand out from typical pant fabrics, providing instant comfort and allowing you to create a sophisticated and attractive silhouette.


Composition: 75% Linen, 25% Polyester
Care: Dry clean
Country of Origin: South Korea



Fitted at waist. Non-stretchy fabric.


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