From a very young age, Sergey, the creator of the TATULYAN brand, had a penchant for redesigning clothes and styling his family members. His fascination with fashion eventually led him to enroll in the fashion school at Mod'Art International Paris. 

Subsequently, he immersed himself in the world of luxury magazines such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue. Over the course of several years, he collaborated with them, initially as an assistant stylist and later as the main stylist. 

While curating outfits for photoshoots, Sergey observed that the collections presented by most brands tended to be either too simple or overly eccentric. Faced with the challenge of sourcing simple yet chic pieces for photoshoots, he began contemplating the idea of creating his own clothing brand, one that embodied his vision of a modern wardrobe foundation. 

TATULYAN represents a fusion of non-conformist chic and classic styles. Sergey devised his own formula, wherein the basic wardrobe serves as a canvas that reveals personality without oversimplifying it. He firmly believes that a wardrobe is a reflection of one's personality and should harmonize with one's lifestyle and perspectives. 


" Through our clothes, we do not dictate how you need to look, but guide and help you to find your own style."


What’s your design philosophy?
Enjoy life while staying true to yourself. TATULYAN designs clothing that appeals to individuals without imposing any fashion taboos, allowing them to remain authentic to their style. With our garments, we don't prescribe how you should appear; instead, we aim to guide and assist you in discovering your unique style. Styling is a crucial element of the brand's DNA. TATULYAN clothes embody acceptance and freedom, providing an ideal foundation for you to find your own. TATULYAN individuals revel in life, embracing freedom, boldness, and creativity.

What do you think are the most important skills for a fashion designer?
To comprehend the purpose behind creating clothing, personally, through my creations and collections, I aim to communicate and translate messages. For me, clothing serves as an instrument to guide and shape people's opinions. I aspire to convey that garments are not solely about impeccable cuts and stunning designs; they are also a means of self-expression and a symbol of freedom.

How important is sustainability in your designs?
All of our fabrics are sourced from second-hand stores, enabling us to repurpose materials that would otherwise be destined for destruction. This not only constitutes a significant environmental contribution for us but also serves as tangible proof of the viability of this sustainable system. It's worth noting that challenges may arise, particularly when dealing with limited fabric quantities. However, this scarcity adds exclusivity to our brand. Considering the diverse range of available fabrics, we currently view this aspect as more of a positive than a negative.

What’s your favorite type of collaboration?
The most effective collaboration for me involves partnering with someone who possesses skills in areas where I may be lacking. I genuinely feel the absence of such a partnership.

What advice would you give to someone interested in fashion design?
Be patient and avoid laziness.