DZHUS is a conceptual clothing and accessories brand founded in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus. Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS designs are internationally recognized by their innovative cut and multi-purpose transformations.

As a vegetarian-friendly brand, DZHUS uses only ethical materials. DZHUS is stocked at concept stores in Japan, China, Portugal, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, and sold online worldwide. Initially designed as womenswear, many of the brands garments have unisex aesthetics and fit. DZHUS has been featured in the top international press: Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, Elle Decoration, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel and many more.  #supportUkraine


"At DZHUS, we develop innovative patterns allowing to transform a garment in radically different ways, including its modification into accessories."


Where do you look for creative inspiration?
I look at clothing itself. The more normal it is, the better. My creative thinking usually derives from a question "What can 'go wrong' about this pattern?". I kind of decipher and deconstruct classic sartorial systems, saturating the reworked designs with multipurpose transformation, sort of unveiling the hidden utilitarian potential of seemingly established apparel styles. Although my work looks very clean and minimal, its concept always originates from a profound reconsideration of stereotypes and a thorough experimental process.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Always. I'm an addict!

When are you the most inspired?
When I witness DZHUS pieces live their own life. Although creating conceptual fashion, I believe that the main purpose of design is function. Having received numerous orders from movies and exhibitions, I've, actually, never dreamt of creating costumes or installations, whereas a utilitarian product is my great passion. When I come across a photo of a client suggesting additional ways to transform our clothing, or hear someone confessing they've been wearing out their DZHUS outfits, I am truly delighted. This knowledge gives me energy to move forward and create for all our soulmates. 

What would you say is making you feel positive these days?
In this hardest time for my homeland Ukraine, I'm happy to be able to give jobs to our production team who remained in the country. Another relief is to help the most vulnerable, as we've been donating part of our profit to animal rights organizations and private animal shelters in Ukraine. And, of course, the massive support we've been receiving from the international community these days is so much appreciated. It gives me strength to never give up and hope for the better for my country.  

How would you describe your artistic style?
It is innovative, future-oriented, unconventional, and has no analogues.