Maison Corinna Houidi embodies individuality and independence. The brand unveils a realm of luxurious high fashion that intertwines the vitality of the streets with meticulous handmade details and bold silhouettes. Established in 2012, it commenced its journey with a distinctive accessory: FANTÔME, the hallmark of Corinna Houidi's brand, swiftly becoming an emblem of the label, mirroring its street-style essence. The fusion of feminine and masculine elements with rugged details allows for diverse interpretations, embracing a unisex appeal. Through distinctive and avant-garde designs, Corinna Houidi deliberately sets herself apart from mainstream trends, crafting her unique aesthetics that inspire dreams. 



"My creations are highly detailed, demanding significant time and meticulous work, along with the use of high-quality materials and a sophisticated production facility with extensive know-how."

Corinna Houidi

What's your favorite thing about being a fashion designer?
There are many aspects of being a fashion designer that I adore. One example is the process of developing new pieces. It involves creating a new silhouette, combining colors, various fabrics, and different material textures, refining the prototype, and organizing production. Each piece, to me, is akin to a work of art brought to life. It’s an ever-evolving journey; there’s always a new idea in mind. This process allows me to unleash my inner creativity and bring my visions to life. Ultimately, my aim is to have a piece in front of me that not only inspires myself but also my customers and has the potential to continue doing so for years. On the other hand, there is the direct interaction with customers, witnessing their joy with their new piece. Engaging with customers, stores, material manufacturers, and producers is tremendously exciting for me. It’s not solely about what I create, but rather a product that many individuals have contributed to, ensuring its existence. Observing the transformation of a vision into reality is truly fascinating.

What's your design philosophy?
Maison Corinna Houidi's pieces symbolize individuality and independence, encapsulating the feeling of strength, self-empowerment, freedom from rules and regulations, rebellion against the mainstream, and the uniqueness of each person's life. This interplay between the hard and soft, masculine and feminine, permeates through every collection. The primary aim is to instigate positive energies in people by infusing enthusiasm and joy into each piece, transmitting the inner fire that was present during the design process to the customer. It's less about the materials and more about emotional, authentic values. My creations are highly detailed, demanding significant time and meticulous work, along with the use of high-quality materials and a sophisticated production facility with extensive know-how. Every step involved in the creation of a piece, from its inception to the finished model, necessitates a considerable amount of time, attention to detail, and a team of individuals working on it. By following this method of crafting pieces designed to last for years, Maison Corinna Houidi is considered among the innovative slow fashion brands. This practice contributes significantly to the appreciation of resources and stands against the fast-paced, throwaway culture. We aim to persist in this approach, continuing our contribution to a sustainable future through our work.

Who are your design influences?
My influences are not easily defined. I don't rely on specific inspiration or mood boards. I approach my designs freely, driven solely by the vision of creating something uniquely beautiful—something that embodies its own character, detached from conventional styles. My thoughts serve as my primary wellspring of inspiration, often taking on a life of their own during the creative process. The blank pages of my sketchbook are my greatest motivation. I let my thoughts flow through the pen, translating the images in my mind onto the paper. As I work on the sketches, adding shapes and refining details, my models take form. Occasionally, a passerby’s silhouette becomes a mental sketchpad, inadvertently influencing the final picture that my mind assembles. I delve into developing my models without rigid guidelines or inspiration boards because I aim for the utmost individuality in my creations.

What's your favorite material to work with?
Wool, leather, and zips: Wool possesses high elasticity, making it crease-resistant. It also boasts a natural stain-resistant quality and extreme durability. I adore these remarkable characteristics of this wonderful natural material. Leather is also among my favorite materials. I enjoy using it in pleated elements or inserts and combining it with structured fabrics. Its mere presence exudes nobility and high quality. Additionally, it is highly durable. For contrast, I have an affinity for metal, particularly in the form of wide zips within my designs. My zips aren't just standard quality; they are the finest on the market, manufactured in an esteemed Italian factory.

What's the most expensive material you've ever used in a design?
Calfskin and rayskin: These two materials were not only the most expensive but also the most exotic until now. I crafted the Square bomber jacket entirely from high-quality calfskin, which is very expensive per skin. Ray leather was used in several inserts in the collar of a unique dress for a customer.