Jessica Joyce is a luxury leather handbag brand based in Amsterdam. At its core, the brand embodies minimalism, drawing inspiration from modern architecture to shape its designs. Following the modernist design principle of "form follows function," the brand extracts and simplifies architectural structures to create sleek and functional designs.

The brand's primary goal is to simplify and enhance the lives of urban women with its clean and practical creations. Jessica envisioned a stylish handbag that could serve as a versatile assistant when she needed to travel for work. This ideal companion is equipped with everything she requires: quick access to travel tickets, cash, secure pockets for important documents, and dedicated compartments for electronic equipment. The brand's signature piece seamlessly combines design elements with functionality, offering a range of pristine, cutting-edge creations tailored for the modern, on-the-go woman.


"My inspiration aligns perfectly with my brand's mission: to empower architectural elegance while simplifying everyday life."


What's the story behind the first Jessica Joyce handbag?
I felt a strong urge to create something both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. Beyond that, the initial concept of the Jessica Joyce bag was born from a desire to support the dynamic lifestyles of urban women who are constantly on the go. My goal is to make the lives of city-dwelling women more convenient and secure through my designs, pushing boundaries while always promising to explore the latest innovations. Growing up in the 80s, I always admired the strong, agile, yet undeniably feminine women of James Bond. While traveling, I came to realize the necessity of a hassle-free bag with everything readily accessible – something more akin to a trusted companion than a mere accessory. A handbag reminiscent of the Bond girls I held in such high regard. I crafted a bag that ideally embodies their stylish, robust, and diligent characteristics.

You find inspiration in architectural forms for your designs?
I have always been captivated by the clever construction of Japanese architectural minimalism: simplicity and functionality. My brand embraces these modernist design principles, where form follows function. Everything must serve a purpose, not just for aesthetics. The distinctive fold of a Jessica Joyce bag also functions as a fully practical compartment. It took me some time, but I successfully distilled architectural forms to create sleek and sophisticated designs that are both simple and elegantly constructed, yet captivating and meticulously executed.

How would you describe your artistic style?
Jessica Joyce is a high-end luxury brand that emphasizes the essence of sophistication, offering leather bags and accessories designed for women who value functionality, simplicity, and quality. As a minimalist movement advocate, I firmly believe that simplicity represents the pinnacle of sophistication. I prefer to maintain a straightforward approach with a touch of femininity, considering both femininity and functionality as essential aspects, always handled with grace.

Style and functionality go hand in hand with Jessica Joyce's designs; please describe why is this important to you?
My inspiration aligns perfectly with my brand's mission: to empower architectural elegance while simplifying everyday life. Each creation is meticulously crafted to enhance the daily experience of urban women, offering both convenience and security. Inevitably, our designs embody elegance, always with a utilitarian approach in mind. Currently, my focus lies on a model that incorporates cutting-edge technology, reminiscent of James Bond's gadgets, to transform Jessica Joyce handbags into smart accessories. This entails the addition of micro GPS chips and lighting features. Furthermore, our handbags are equipped with multiple discreet compartments, both inside and out, providing quick access to essential items such as credit cards, cell phones, cosmetics, and more

What stories would you like to share with your customers behind each creation?
At Jessica Joyce, we firmly embrace the empowerment of women. Women should never feel compelled to forsake their femininity in order to attain empowerment. Each woman possesses her own uniqueness, and our goal is to craft exquisite leather handbags that amplify their voices, fostering their empowerment as they become the architects of their own lives.