Founded by former UN Climate Negotiator Laura Hanning in 2019 in London, Faldan has created the world’s first ethical luxury foldable bag. Smart, geometric markings create a unique pattern and allow the bag to fold down seamlessly into an iPhone-sized purse. Faldan is the ultimate ‘second bag’ – a timeless way to replace all the carrier bags and cotton totes we accumulate. Once folded, the bag fits into a pocket, encouraging it to be kept close and used in case of ad-hoc shopping or for carrying laptops, books, or trainers. The brand meticulously calculated the size of the open bag to hold at least 15 liters – the equivalent capacity required for carrying your groceries, gym kit, business documents, or tech. 
Men/ women/ unisex
Men/ women/ unisex
Men/ women/ unisex
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"I believe that products should only exist if they have purpose and are part of the circular economy. We cannot keep on exhausting our resources to satisfy our wants."

Laura Hanning

What is your favorite time of the day?
Morning. I have my rituals. I love getting up and opening shutters of our huge drawing room regency windows looking onto a garden. I open the door to pick up the morning paper and breathing in full lungs of fresh air. Although we live in central London, our place is an oasis filled with sounds of birds.

When are you the most inspired?
Design and being amongst people. I spent years working in UN climate change so meeting with former colleagues and hearing their stories about new currency development in Africa or counter intelligence efforts in Easter Europe fascinate and inspire me. I also love historic design and greatly appreciate decorative things that have been created hundreds years ago. They were made to last and are still beautiful: from antique furniture, ceramics, silver or paintings ect. 

What is your dream country to visit?
I cannot wait to go back to Istanbul. It will forever Constantinople - the city where East meets West in such an intense sense of history, colours, smells and visual delight. I love it.

Introvert or extrovert? 
Introvert, who needs people.

How would you describe your artistic style?
I love the philosophy of gesamtkunstwerk - "all-embracing art form”, where different art and design spheres, whether fashion, interiors, architecture, decorative or other are united by same unifying aesthetic. I enjoy working across the disciplines, collaborating with artist in exploring the idea of "owning less and becoming more". In my works I use recycled materials, repurpose and reinterpret functionality of objects.