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How to Succeed in Wholesale?

What Emerging Designers Must Know to Break Into Wholesale

Are you an emerging fashion designer looking to break into the wholesale market? Join Alise Trautmane-Uzuner, Founder and CEO of DOORS NYC, to discover how to successfully pitch your fashion brand to retailers. You'll learn the essential steps to create a buyers' list, effectively reach out and pitch your fashion line to boutiques and department stores, and follow through to ensure your collection stands out.

Wholesale can be a great opportunity for emerging designers to grow their business, but it’s important to make sure you’re ready for it before investing. It's essential to have the cash flow and production capacity to fulfill wholesale orders, as well as a well defined value proposition and strong branding across all marketing channels.

Gain valuable insights and actionable tips on how to thrive in the competitive wholesale landscape and get noticed by fashion retailers.

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