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Léa Enderlin & Sarah Lequimener , LA FEMME APÉRO

LA FEMME APÉRO by Léa Enderlin & Sarah Lequimener

APÉRO: French evening ritual that combines drinks, food and friends at a bistro terrace or at home.
La Femme APÉRO is feminine, sophisticated, bold, sensual and something of a free spirit. A Parisienne at heart. When designing her wardrobe, we strive for the perfect balance between the timeless modernity of French chic - along with its understated sensuality, and the fun and freedom of NYC.
We offer a curated wardrobe of versatile styles that transcend trends - pieces for every occasions. Created with sustainability and ethics in mind. Our clothes are produced in a woman-owned factory in Istanbul, Turkey with recycled fabrics. 

Wei Lin of PH5

"I’ve always liked drawing and it turns out the only thing I know how to draw are clothes! "

Léa Enderlin | LA FEMME APÉRO

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Mini Interview with Léa Enderlin & Sarah Lequimener

How would you describe a muse of La Femme Apéro?
Sarah: Confident, mixed with a bit of silliness and daring.

Léa: Happy, confident, natural, a touch of sophistication, and someone who doesn’t/t take themselves too seriously.

When did your passion for fashion begin?
Sarah: It began very young, I was always creative and wanted to create fun looks, I use to do little fashion shows with my friends at home and LOVE IT, I wanted it to become my work and it did!

Léa: I’ve always liked drawing and it turns out the only thing I know how to draw are clothes! That and reading my mom’s Elle magazines every week as a kid.

What is your favorite time of the day?
Sarah: L’Apéro at Sunset . It is Perfect anytime of the year.

Léa: The morning. It seems like anything is possible and I have all the time in the world.

Heel or flat?
Sarah: Flat since I turned my ankle and never came back from it- But I rocked high heels for all of my 20s.

Léa: Heels. I can’t wear them as high as I used too, but I’m still trying!

What is the biggest learning experience you have had?
Sarah: Starting this business, I had push myself to do things I was not confident about or uncomfortable with. It made me grow so much. Also learned that freaking out in a stressful situation doesn’t help. I am still working at it, but facing situations with calm is my goal.

Léa: Definitely this business, it helped me exercise many useful life skills. I learned how to communicate better, how to network, how to handle failure, how to trust myself.

When are you the most inspired?
Sarah: At night especially if I take a walk or am seating without distraction.

Léa: When I’m alone in my apartment, when I cook or on the subway.