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SHIVANGI A GANDHI by Shivangi Gandhi 

Shivangi A Gandhi is a global brand at its core. Our brand's key focus is on creating a genderless clothing, unaffected by seasonal trends. We stand for gender and racial equality with body-positivity and inclusivity at the center. We believe Luxury is not be limited to any set beauty standard. Our design ideology focuses on quality and exclusivity of design. Our brand recognizes clothing as an investment, rather than a short-term purchase. The brand draws from its traditional roots and has evolved in a manner relatable to an audience worldwide. Our authenticity and adaptability is our biggest strength. 

Wei Lin of PH5

"Luxury is not only defined by price, it is defined by the quality and exclusivity of the design."

Shivangi Gandhi | SHIVANGI A GANDHI

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Mini Interview with Shivangi Gandhi

Your collections embrace contemporary silhouettes combined with the use of silk fabrics, what are your other inspirations for your creations? And why?
I draw inspiration from both tangible and intangible sources. Feelings, human behaviors, societal and cultural evolution along with shapes, geometry, abstract art and architecture is the core source of my inspiration. I translate them in terms of clothing using fabric, prints, embroideries and the pattern making of the garments.

Describe yourself in a hashtag?

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
I have a strong yet empathetic personality.

How would you describe your artistic style?
My artistic style is a balance between minimalism with some maximalist detail.

What is the most rewarding part of being an artist for you?
The most rewarding part about being an artist for me, is having freedom to express myself while using my creative expression to connect with, inspire and touch lives of people in a small yet significant manner.

Wei Lin of PH5
Wei Lin of PH5