Eclectic is a Paris-based menswear brand of jackets, coats, and bags. 

Created in 2011 by Franck Malegue, the brand’s concept envisions men’s fashion in an innovative way by merging hand-tailored construction with high-tech materials. A pioneer in the realm of Active Tailoring, eclectic achieves a new level of technical Prowess in menswear fashion by way of meeting craft with next generation fabrics. 

Each piece in the collection promises durability in wear and in style. Eclectic favors the timelessness of simple lines and exceptional quality, with special focus on craftsmanship. 

Based in newly developed materials pertaining to activewear, the brand’s concept speaks to the functional needs of the 21st century man. In each iteration, the product pushes the boundaries of tradition without ever sacrificing elegance in design.