Italia A Collection is a fashion brand for the conscious consumer who values what they wear. The brand is a high quality sustainable clothing line that is devoted to responsible design ethics and manufacturing. Zero waste designs are used to create beautiful clothing that sources sustainable and regenerative textiles. The concept of zero waste design is not just about eliminating waste, but about understanding the value of what you are creating. 

Italia A Collection is a fashion brand that is inspired by an innovative approach to fashion that supports responsible design ethics and the need for a brand that has value, quality, style, and makes a positive impact in the world. 

Italia A Collection was launched in 2019 by Italia Hannaway , the founder and designer of a responsibly designed woman's contemporary apparel start up business. The brand reflects style and fashion while making responsible design choices. Our target customer believes in a sustainable and positive impact on the environment. Zero waste clothing is aligned with her value system and she is a confident female who appreciates apparel that are responsibly designed and ethically made. She is well educated, cultured, thoughtful, expressive, and both socially and environmentally responsible. She feels an overall sense of well-being when she makes positive choices that make a personal difference. The quality of sustainable textiles and comfort, give her a sense of well-being. She is fashionable and knowledgeable about what she wears and believes in her impact on the world as a conscious consumer