Our mission is to offer unique original designs with a futuristic twist. Jaagravii promotes its motto, "This is the beginning of the future," through jewelry. We believe in empowering individuals and fostering spiritual enlightenment in society. The brand draws inspiration from a profound love for the art world and the infinite universe. Since its launch in 2020, Jaagravii has garnered significant attention both locally and internationally. The brand has been featured in prestigious publications such as VOGUE, VOGUE Singapore, Sicky Mag, Elle, and WGSN, establishing itself as a key influencer in setting trends. 


"Our mission is to offer unique original designs with a futuristic twist."


What's your design philosophy?
My design philosophy revolves around personal growth, always pursuing what inspires me and aligns with Jaagravii's motto, 'the beginning of the future.' Embracing this ethos, Jaagravii combines a natural and maximalist aesthetic with futuristic materials like brass and silver.

What's your process for designing a new collection?
Before beginning a new collection, I primarily draw inspiration from my artwork. The stream of thoughts that arise from it always helps me navigate the theme of Jaagravii's latest collection. As an artist, I am also fascinated by living beings with souls, such as animals and plants. Essentially, I infuse the spirit of my artwork into my inspiration for each new collection.

What's your favorite material to work with?
I am truly passionate about utilizing, blending, and combining materials that possess extraordinary stories, such as silver and natural stones. I firmly believe that natural stones and elements have the power to heal everything!

How important is sustainability in your designs?
As a nature lover, I strongly believe that protecting Mother Nature is the best thing we can do as designers. We derive the names of most of our designs from nature and its elements. With that in mind, Jaagravii firmly advocates for natural balance and is committed to using sustainable materials.

How do you stay inspired?
I read a lot! In addition to books on nature, philosophy and spiritual healing, I find inspiration even in a flying bumblebee. Jaagravii is born from my love for Mother Nature, and I make it a point to listen to her before starting the design process.