Shi Chang, the founder of NOSENSE, graduated from Hunter College of Art and Parsons School of Design in New York. Nominated for the 2016 Parsons School of Design Menswear Best Designer, he gained recognition from Bullett Magazine as one of the most promising fashion graduates. His playful designs express the youth's attitude towards life and fashion. NOSENSE's accessible and stylish collections, with simple silhouettes and comfortable materials, have been featured in renowned magazines such as WWD, VOGUE, Forbes, and L'Officiel. Loved by global celebrities like the Jonas Brothers and showcased at Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with Tmall International, Li Jiaqi, and Vogue Italia, the brand has become a sensation.


"When designing a new collection, I will begin by swatching and traveling to find inspiration."

Shi Chang, nosense

How did you become interested in fashion design?
I was studying Fine Art as my major at Hunter College. When I became a junior, I came to the realization that I wanted to pursue something more practical, such as design. That's when I decided to transfer to Parsons. The fashion atmosphere at Parsons fascinated me, and I soon discovered that fashion could be a medium for expressing myself as well.

What’s your process for designing a new collection?
When designing a new collection, I will begin by swatching and traveling to find inspiration. My childhood memories are always a significant source of inspiration for me, as I consider that period the most valuable time in my life. Afterward, I will visit various factories to explore new techniques that I can incorporate into each season's designs.

What’s your design philosophy?
Stay true to yourself. :)

What’s your favorite fashion city?

What’s your favorite color to work with?
Pastel colors.