p a p e l ( de punt☻ )® is a knitwear concept brand that blends fashion and the unique vision of laura acevedo’s artistic universe. it’s an invitation to embellish your life through what can be captured in a blank paper knit. p a p e l offers maximum differentiation in everyday life by the neat but fun- concept. Their industrial grade, high quality knitted pieces are given final handmade touches. making every single one of them a limited-edition piece that fits both men and women. An aesthetic concern leads us to create visual beauty by twisting the classic way of wearing knit clothing. 

PAPEL ( de punt☻ )® knitwear is entirely made in Colombia with love. carefully knitted in Bogotá with part recycled cotton and select fiber mixes sourced from spain, turkey and peru. All hand finishings are completed locally. Ocasionally, Colombian artisans from chocó, guajira and nariño, co-create with us to create unique and special inserts for their knitted garments. These precious pieces are meant to last for a lifetime and we are sure they will be cherished as you build cool memories with them.