LA MUSA is a brand that has a unique, global idea  to transmit the opportunity to comprehend and be inspired by art in all of its manifestations, from generation to generation, through the concept  to dress woman's body in it. The concept we convey in our products brings a woman closer to art. A woman dressed in art reveals her own art, becomes a muse. Each LA MUSA product is created for muses of the 21st century.  Every woman strives to inspire the whole world with her uniqueness, and LA MUSA is here to let it happen. 

"Love and inspiration are the sincerest feelings. There is no particular time to be inspired by something; inspiration is a state of mind."


What do you enjoy most about the design process?Based on the idea itself, I always know what the product will look like. Therefore, the design process itself doesn’t take much time for me, but It’s still possible for me to enjoy every stage of the process. Ideas and inspiration to create items always come suddenly. I take inspiration from the world around me, passing it through myself. This is the way I create my unique design. I believe my favorite part of the design process is getting the product idea into the physical world on the paper first. And I want to reiterate that it’s precisely on the paper. I always draw with a pencil on a paper, although I know multiple illustration techniques, as well as experienced in using various devices for the implementation of absolutely any graphics. From the sketch to the product development, I go through the equally interesting processes of choosing materials, building patterns, prototyping, modelling up until the first prototype is made - which embodies the ideas in the material. After that, there are often a series of edits to ensure that the product is absolute and guaranteed. It is important for me that lightness and my natural impulsiveness can be read through each product, thus we create all these stages together with the team at the LA MUSA atelier.  

What inspired you to create LA MUSA?
I am getting highly inspired and motivated after visiting galleries and museums. Considering my artistic background and my first education in art academy, everything there becomes special, each painting and sculpture is so important and valuable. Particular smell of the oil painted on a canvas and special creaks of the floors are creating a magic atmosphere. The world is an art by itself. Feelings and people surrounding us is the art, and I get inspired by them. To create the unique design for each LA MUSA item I take an inspiration from the woman. Everything she does makes the world a better place. She inspires people, she shares her energy, she is strong, yet at the same time she is feminine and fragile. That is why so many exquisite works of art admire woman’s beauty and magnificence. She is my inspiration to create LA MUSA. 

How would you describe your personal style?
I always prefer the classics. Whether it's food, interior design or clothing, I always go for minimalism and attention to the details. I prefer dry red wine to interesting cocktails, and a black suit that emphasizes a feminine silhouette and pointed-toe shoes to a bright trendy outfit. Details are very important in the look; I love interesting accessories such as designers bags and gorgeous jewelry. It is important that the look does not take away the personality but emphasizes it and highlights it. I prefer the total black look for work and everyday life. Black has always been my favorite color. If I had to describe my style in two words i would say - minimalistic black. During the walk or an informal event, you can see me in black and white, white or pastel (beige, nude) tones sometimes. However, for a formal event or an elegant dinner, then I would go for a corset or LA MUSA evening dress.  

When are you the most inspired?
Love and inspiration are the sincerest feelings. There is no particular time to be inspired by something; inspiration is a state of mind. So, I can say that I am 24/7 unconditionally inspired. Even if I am not well or in a bad mood, I can create something sudden and unique. I think is my superpower. However, if to talk about, when I am the most active and motivated to work, it would be the nighttime. I find nights the best time to create, the most interesting ideas comes during the nighttime.

How would you describe your artistic style?
I love all the art styles and I am curious to discover new artists and often I visit art places to find more inspiration and to learn something new. Despite the fact that the first education I received was in Art Academy and I am experienced to work in different techniques, the main style in my paintings is abstract expressionism. This particular style conveys raw emotions. Abstract expressionism is about liberation of art from any control of the mind and reasoning whatsoever, it sets a purpose of spontaneous expression of my inner world. It is subconscious, through abstract forms and movements, arbitrary application of paint driven solely by the emotional state and the feelings in front of the canvas. Broadly speaking, any work of art where emotions have been artistically expressed and the expression is the only purpose of the creation can be attributed to expressionism.