Stretch Color Collection


Bo Zhang invites us to question reality through his latest series. Prepare to be captivated by the Stretch Color collection, a trio of vases that will leave you spellbound. Zhang's creative vision and unwavering fascination with the interplay of colors within spatial reconstructions have birthed this astonishing design. Each vase in the collection seems to defy logic, appearing as an optical illusion that deftly conceals its functional purpose. Through the masterful implementation of color gradations and elegant curves, Zhang skillfully captures the essence of objects stretched to the brink of vanishing. 




Medium: 100% Acrylic

Edition Type: Open edition



Green size: 3"x 3"x 14"
Blue size: 3"x 3"x 14"
Grey size: 2.7"x 2.7"x 9"


You will receive this item in 15 working days after your order has been placed.