Maison Audmi started as a label to destigmatise the idea of the man in a dress. “Audmi” is thecombination of the two Hindi words, “Aadmi” (Man) and “Aurat” (Woman) as a tongue-in-cheekhomage to androgyny. The Indo-British label uses craftsmanship from the two countries as aresult of the creative director’s life in both cultures. Ethical and cruelty-free practices are at thecore of the Maison Audmi ideology - from employing small-scale artisans globally to keeping thematerial-sourcing process as sustainable as possible. The label uses deadstock and antiquematerials for most of its pieces.“We call ourselvesa menswear label to even the playing field -we believe that when we find the same garments in the menswear and womenswear sections,that is a step towards ungendering clothing and focusing on body shape and size”