Mashat is an independent designer label, led by a queer duo. Motto "vive la routine" stands for our mission of implementing the festiveness to a daily lifestream.

""Love what you do and do what you love", this is what we are guided by in our lives.” 


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What has it been like to create and maintain your own brand? 
"Love what you do and do what you love", this is what we are guided by in our lives. The same applies to MASHAT. Brand management covers a huge number of professional areas besides clothing design and manufacture, which is quite important for us to study. So self-development comes hand by hand with the development of the brand. It is always interesting to discover various fields and aspects of manifestation both in clothes design and ourselves.

How would you describe your artistic style?
Mashat is founded on two pillars "Live the routine" and "Artistic Casual". The brand's philosophy is held under the motto VIVE LA ROUTINE, which in turn suggests that every day is unique and deserves to fulfill our life; and at the same time to decorate the surrounding reality, giving it new meanings. Indeed, such a position frees us from the dogmatic thought that festive clothes are dressed for a certain reason, to say so ‘for a celebration’, while everyday life remains gray, monotonous, and inconspicuous. In turn, MASHAT creates wearable and conceptual clothes. This became the main position of the brand. Artistic Casual - is the answer to daily wardrobe culture. The perception of a daily routine, the very attitude to staying in it. The designer rethinks the concept of casual clothes and broadcasts her vision in a new mode, which from collection to collection fills with festiveness daily lifestream. 

What is the purpose of the label, its reason for being?
By creating collections, we try to reach a peaceful acceptance and comprehension of the  surrounding world in all of its manifestation, through the images and associations. The brand's mission ‘VIVE LA ROUTINE’ stresses the importance and value of each day. But the thought doesn't end here. Thus, each collection is dedicated to a certain topic, indissolubly linked with a relevant socio-cultural issue, and has a vital philosophical implication. From 2022 the brand has started to support cultural projects and social organizations aimed at solving the urgent problems and challenges of our time.

When are you the most inspired?
The daily routine of life and its flow of meanings and objects are my biggest inspiration. Each collection uses a variety of different materials that fit into clothing along with completely new techniques. This is our trick - to bring surprise and joy, while keeping the main idea that can be traced.

What makes you smile the most? 
The absurdity of life. I find it beautiful, and it always makes me smile.