Working decisively and lovingly, Adriana energizes a passionate collective to create clothing lines that embrace a contrasting, textural and liberated style. A tactile human touch ensures ultimate attention to detail and quality. 

At its heart is a core offering of joyful everyday wear, precious yet delightful evening and daywear and her signature outerwear coats, capes and bombers. Inspired by the collectives’ passion for the environment, liberty, nature and re-use is a series of parallel projects named ‘Acqua’, ‘Liberation’, ‘Wilding’ and ‘Re-’. 

Their clothes are proudly designed and made in Italy within the radius of our material sources, makers, artisans and production team. Long standing craft techniques within the local are sustained. 

It is their sincere wish that their wearers sense the love, generosity and positive energy imbued in the process of each garments’ creation.