The founding of IMI Collective is rooted in the belief that we can be the change we want to see in the world. Fashion Revolution’s #whomadeyourclothes campaign inspired the creation of their brand. The mission at IMI, which stands for “I Made It,” is to support garment workers to the best of their ability and encourage more sustainable and ethical practices within the industry. 

IMI uses deadstock fabric to create limited edition pieces, so be sure not to miss out when their collections drop! “Deadstock” refers to obsolete inventory that hasn’t sold and has a high likelihood of not selling in the future – we prevent more fabric from entering landfills by using these unwanted textiles to make clothes bought and appreciated by conscious consumers like you. 

One of the largest obstacles towards a more sustainable future is transparency. In their search for ethical suppliers, we struggled to find a clothing manufacturer that could be upfront and honest with their practices. After a long journey, we have partnered with The Atelier Chiang Mai, a clothing company based in northern Thailand. The Atelier has consistently maintained safe working conditions for their employees and pays them double the national minimum wage.