Founded by Aida Kaumenova, the brand emerged in 2001 after her studies in Italy's La Scuola di Costumeo dell Carlo Bo. Aida aimed to modernize Kazakhstan's traditional attire, reshaping its perception from a museum relic to a fashionable statement. Thus, the Aida KaumeNOVA brand was born, winning over Kazakhstan's celebrities and accomplished women. Showcasing vibrant collections globally, including in the USA, France, Korea, and Russia, the brand's hand-embroidered dresses and headpieces continue to captivate audiences at Kazakhstan Fashion Week.


"To me, fashion design encompasses an entire world, a profound philosophy."


What's your design philosophy?
Nomadic culture courses through our veins, inspiring us to curate collections that embody both the spirit of women's freedom and our deep-rooted love for traditions.   

How do you choose colors for your designs?
We select designs based on the offerings from the PANTONE Institute for the upcoming season, and subsequently, we commence the creation of our distinctive fabric prints.

How do you balance creativity with wearability in your designs?
We understand that fashion is inherently social and highly adaptable to the ever-changing world. This is why we channel our creativity into practicality.

How do you stay inspired?
To maintain a positive and inspired mindset, I embrace an active lifestyle. I engage in sports and take part in various projects, allowing me to connect with new individuals. Most importantly, it is people who truly inspire me. Through effective teamwork and the distribution of responsibilities within my team, I am afforded the chance to explore, hike, and practice meditation.

What's the most important thing you've learned about fashion design?
To me, fashion design encompasses an entire world, a profound philosophy. It revolves around culture, reflecting the societal atmosphere; it essentially becomes an extension of each individual, a second self.