ALIA BASTAMAM’s design rule has been simple: to only create clothes that she would imagine herself wearing. The Raffles Fashion School graduate is celebrated for her flowing resort-centric designs that serve laidback luxury. Delving deeper, Alia’s touch comes from an attentive and inclusive understanding of not just silhouettes, but also female characters and auras. 

Alia plays on notes of female empowerment that shines through her designs. She appears ladylike and coy, but the designer and her designs move with sensuality and emote confidence, all while keeping an open-eyed curiosity. 


"My philosophy is to create resort-centric designs that showcase refined artisanal workmanship and a bespoke sense of luxury."


What's your design philosophy?
My philosophy is to create resort-centric designs that showcase refined artisanal workmanship and a bespoke sense of luxury. I take pride in the fact that my designs originate from our in-house atelier, which I oversee closely. Additionally, I aim to transport the wearer to another place, offering them an escape. My resort aesthetic is tailored for the most exotic locations!

What's your process for designing a new collection?
When I'm putting together a collection, it's important that it tells a story. That's why I always keep the Alia Bastamam woman in mind as I'm creating. I ask myself questions like where she's headed, what kind of vibe she's looking for, and what kind of mood she's in. Additionally, my own mood plays a significant role in the design process. By considering all of these factors, I aim to create a collection that's not just "a look" but can hopefully evoke deep emotions.

How do you balance creativity with wearability in your designs?
Fashion brings fantasy to life, and my designs reflect a particular lifestyle. Hailing from Malaysia, an archipelago abundant with beautiful islands and beaches, I aim to showcase this beauty to the world through my resort-focused designs. These designs strike a balance between creativity and practicality, catering to the traveling woman who revels in sun, sand, and sea.

How do you stay inspired?
There's nothing scarier than being stagnant—stuck in one place, one way, and completely complacent. To stay inspired, we need to escape and experience new things. By growing and introducing my brand to a larger market, as I am doing now in NYC, it keeps me motivated and inspired for more. The world is vast, and life is an odyssey worth exploring.

What's next for you in your fashion design career?
Coming to New York is definitely the biggest leap I've taken. I suppose the next step for me is to expand my line and broaden the product range by introducing accessories like shoes and bags. Who knows, maybe I'll even venture into fragrance, skincare, and beauty products in the future?